The Baintech Volt/Volt Meter sheds light on your power status. Compact, affordable and easy to self- install, this single unit lets you measure two Voltages in real-time.


Besides all that, it features an easy-to-read backlit display which means you can easily read it from a distance at night - just in case you are a bit spooked about venturing out in the wilderness in the dark.


Keep your good times going with a Baintech Volt Amp Meter. Know with certainty the real-time status of your power system so you can take action to prevent being left in the dark before your batteries are dead. Illuminate your peace of mind with Baintech Volt & Voltage Meter Surface Mount


  • Measure Single or Dual DC Volt from 9 _ 30V DC.
  • Dual LCD 3 digital display with on/off back light.
  • Black PVC panel mount casing.
  • Reverse polarity protection.

Baintche Volt & Voltage Meter Surface Mount