THE POWERTOP VERSION 3 is a dynamic plug-and-play system that features a 12V 135Ah AGM battery and built-in three-way charging that makes operation smooth and easy.
With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, you're free to charge anywhere, any time. No matter if you are camping, boating or caravanning, you can keep your essentials running for days on end with the Baintech PowerTop.





  • Quality: 12V 135ah AGM Battery - long service life, float or cyclic applications for long-lasting, dependable power.

  • Enhanced Power: 6.6A AC charger

  • Easy: Off the shelf ready to use, all in one system

  • Convenient: Volt meter with low volt alarm warning

  • Versatile: 3 charging inputs: AC, DC and solar 

  • Safe: Thermal resettable breaker

  • Reliable: 18 months warranty




Since the PowerTop is completely portable, it's convenient to bring along and setup right at your campsite. That portability also comes in handy when you've got mates that may be keen to borrow this compact, complete power system. With the PowerTop, you're able to connect a range of different devices with different style plugs at the same time. It features a range of inputs, including: 2x ciga sockets, 2x Engel sockets and dual USB.



  • Perfect for camping, marine, RV and 4x4

  • Powertop 135ah set up WEB

  • 120W solar set up










  •  MAINS - illuminates when charging via AC

  •  VEHICLE - illuminates when charging via the BLUE Anderson

  •  SOLAR/EXTERNAL - illuminates when using UNREGULATED solar via the RED Anderson only

  •  BOOST - standard operating LED - will remain illuminated during operation

  •  FLOAT - illuminates when connected to a charging source

  •  FLAT BATTERY - illuminates as a warning for both LOW and HIGH voltage




An audible alarm will sound when the battery voltage drops below 12v and the low voltage shutdown activates when voltage drops below 11.5v. If shutdown activates - turn the PowerTop on and place on charge.
An audible alarm will sound when the battery is overcharged, the high voltage alarm sounds above 15v and the high voltage shutdown activates when your battery is charged above 15.2v.  If this occurs, remove charging source and switch the PowerTop off and on again.


BAINTECH Powertop 12V 135Ah Portable Power Unit


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