The PureSine II 1000W is an advanced true sine wave power inverter perfect for operating appliances and equipment requiring up to 1000 watts.

Sinergex Technologies is pleased to announce the latest release to their professional line of power products. The Sinergex PureSine Series II inverters are the latest addition to Sinergex's professional power range. We have taken the reliability and precision of the original Sinergex PureSine series and added further features plus increased performance and efficiency.


Using the latest technology in power conversion, the new PureSine Series II inverters have increased surge capabilities for starting tough loads and increased efficiency with the Power-saver mode for optimum performance. Our new technology has resulted in a smaller and lighter range of inverters incorporating new aluminium cases that can be easily installed almost anywhere.  


The PureSine Series II inverters produce precise true sine wave power for distortion free operation. The PureSine Series II inverters include models from 700 watts to 3000 watts. Sinergex PureSine: Professional Power at an Affordable Price!



  • True Sine Wave power 

  • Increased efficiency

  • Greater surge power   

  • Power saving mode

  • Lightweight design   

  • Remote control included 

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • Full protection features 

  • 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 watt models

Sinergex Pure Sinewave Inverter 1000W/12VDC

SKU: BTSIPS-1000-12