MINI size with BIG features!


Stylish front load 240V washing machine to complement any interior. Featuring 6 programmable wash settings, including delicate wash through to full cycle. Low noise motor, star drum, convenient detergent container, transparent door and child safe mechanism. Includes 2 years warranty.


2KG Capacity

  • Perfect for small, quick loads, and delicates.

Quick Wash 15 mins! (Improved Feature!)

  • Wash a small load right away
  • Washes clothes quick and clean within 15 mins


Baby Care! (Improved Feature!)

  • 'Baby Care' cycle for infants
  • Enhances washing power and rinsing power
  • By washing clothes at 95°C high, it will remove stains completely from clothes


Drum Clean (New!)

  • Powerful spinning of the drum with water thoroughly removes detergent residue in the drum

  • Keeps the door clean & hygienic.


Delicate Care

  • For delicate clothing like knitted and wool clothes
  • Gentle on lingerie and stockings


Size & Weight

  • Product size: 550mm(W) x 600mm(H) x 302mm(D)
  • Product weight: 16.5kg


Phantom Black colour option available upon request (minimum order quantity applies).

Click here to download the operating manual (3MB).


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Daewoo World's First Wall Mountable Mini Washer

  • NCE washing machines are fitted with stainless steel drums to assist with the thorough clothes washing with design features to efficiently assist with the removal of dirt and stains.

    Stainless Steel is the preferred surface for metals used in water-based products such as washing machines, sinks, saucepans and cutlery.
    Rust can be avoided by following the instructions when using your washing machine -

    •    Ensure you remove all metal items (coins, clips etc) from your laundry.
    •    Button up clothes and covers, close zips and cover hooks, lock and fasteners on fabric. Try to avoid washing belts and belt buckles. If this can not be avoided, buckle up belts
    •    Empty all pockets, undo cuffs and unfold clothing.
    •    It is recommended to use a fabric laundry bag to wash small and / or delicate items, or clothing items with any metal or hard items.
    •    Ensure that the drum is dried with a soft cloth and where practicable, the lid is raised (slightly) if the washing machine is being stored or not used for an extended period of time. 
    •    For further information refer to your user manual.


    The main reason for rust occurring on a stainless steel drum is that foreign objects made of iron or metals have been in the machine and created a coating of rust, or have removed the coating of the drum by denting or scratching the coating. 
    •    If this is surface rust, clean the machine and in particular the drum with a suitable agent for removing rust. Agents which can be used to remove rust are e.g. citric acid powder, machine cleaner, hob cleaner or steel polish.
    •    If there have been metal objects in the machine, which has been spun round and scratched through the surface of the drum, or the drum has been used for storage when static or travelling causing the same damage, this unfortunately cannot be removed and the drum must be replaced.

    Important: The above causes are not covered by warranty.

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