MINI size with BIG features!





Stylish front load 240V washing machine to complement any interior. Featuring 6 programmable wash settings, including delicate wash through to full cycle. Low noise motor, star drum, convenient detergent container, transparent door and child safe mechanism. Includes 2 years warranty.






2KG Capacity



  • Perfect for small, quick loads, and delicates.







Quick Wash 15 mins! (Improved Feature!)



  • Wash a small load right away

  • Washes clothes quick and clean within 15 mins




Baby Care! (Improved Feature!)



  • 'Baby Care' cycle for infants

  • Enhances washing power and rinsing power

  • By washing clothes at 95°C high, it will remove stains completely from clothes







Drum Clean (New!)



  • Powerful spinning of the drum with water thoroughly removes detergent residue in the drum

  • Keeps the door clean & hygienic.







Delicate Care



  • For delicate clothing like knitted and wool clothes

  • Gentle on lingerie and stockings







Size & Weight



  • Product size: 550mm(W) x 600mm(H) x 302mm(D)

  • Product weight: 16.5kg







Phantom Black colour option available upon request (minimum order quantity applies).






Click here to download the operating manual (3MB).












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Daewoo World's First Wall Mountable Mini Washer


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