Compliant to use in caravans and motorhomes.


Dual 240Volt/10Amp powerpoint with dual USB charger compatible with all AS/NZ electrical appliances and allows the user to keep devices such as phones and tables fully charged without using a separate double adaptor and charger. Being dual pole, this switch disconnects both the Active and Neutral to reduce the chance of electric shock.


Matching 18mm mounting blocks (sold separately) allow for easy installation in the wall, and to provide clearance when connecting wires to GPO.



  • Approved according to Standards - AS/NZS3112 and AS/NZS3133 with AS/NZS60950

  • Safety: Internal and external protection against voltage and current fluctuations, lightning and over temperature

  • 5V 2.1A output for each USB port to power your phones and tablets

  • Additional feature: Blue LED light illuminates for 3 seconds when the USB port is accessed

  • Electrical rating for Recreational Vehicle:

    • Input: 110 - 250 Va.c, 50/60Hz /10A

    • Output: 5 Vd.c /2.1A

  • Matching mounting block sold separately

  • DSPPD (White)

  • DSPPBLK (Black)




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Dual Pole Powerpoint with USB Charger