Packed with cleaning power just as the full-size freestanding models, the new mini dishwasher is an easy-to-use multi-purpose appliance that requires very limited space and virtually no installation. The mini dishwasher utilises powerful top and bottom spray arms to remove food particles giving a 360° clean wash.
The high temperature steam generated during cleaning washes and sterlises your glassware thoroughly, making it perfect for babies' utensils. Approximately 1/5 the size of a freestanding dishwasher with the ability to clean your tableware in just 29 minutes, the mini dishwasher brings innovation and efficiency to micro kitchens without stretching your budget.



  • Freestanding benchtop dishwasher

  • 3 Place settings

  • Insulated water tank

  • LED display/touch control 

  • 5 Litre water usage/full cleaning cycle

  • 1-24 Hour delay start

  • 29 minute rapid wash program

  • Steam wash function

  • Baby care & child lock

  • Drying system

  • Internal illumination light

  • Included accessories: water fill jug, drain hose

  • Dimensions: 435(H)x420(W)x440(D)mm 

  • Weight: 13.6kg


Midea Benchtop Mini Dishwasher