This NCE Travel WiFi Modem, operates as a true modem, not a dongle with an aerial. Unlike some other WiFi Modems used in caravans, this unit is not locked to a specific service provider, and can be used with any pre-paid SIM, Dongle, or a SIM linked to a mobile data plan. WiFi connection is also available whilst vehicle is travelling.





You will love these features:






  • 12VDC power input

  • 3G/4G compatible

  • Lockable security cradle

  • Low profile button external antennas for easy installation

  • High gain 4G antenna's for improved signal

  • External aerials allow for stronger signal pickup

  • Open to any network and service provider

  • Use of SIM or Dongle, allows for 2nd phone data SIM

  • Prepaid dongle not required to get internet signal

  • 12 months warranty (base unit only)

  • Kit includes: lockable base unit, internal & external antennas, wiring loom with plugs.






















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NCE Travel WiFi Modem Kit

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