The new NCE 4GX Mobile Router WiFi Modem is specifically designed for outdoor use, comes with a compact modem for easy installation. The high gain antennas and super-fast WiFi offering 40-meter range from your RV or caravan operate as a true modem, not a dongle with an aerial. The external button antenna enables the WiFi router to provide connectivity to the front tow vehicle whilst the RV or caravan is travelling between locations enabling undisrupted connectivity during trips.


Unlike some other WiFi modems used in caravans, this modem is not locked to a specific service provider. The NCE 4GX Mobile Router WiFi Modem can be used with any pre-paid SIM (includes NANO SIM Adaptor), Dongle or a SIM linked to a mobile data plan with 3G/4GX/4GLTE network compatibility. The multi-device connectivity with password protection system offers security and safe use makes the NCE 4GX Mobile Router WiFi Modem a great travel partner.




  • 12VDC power input
  • 3G/4GX/4GLTE compatibility 
  • Easy installation
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • High gain antenna’s for improved signal 
  • External aerials allow for stronger signal pickup
  • Security lock system & password protection
  • Use of SIM (including NANO SIM) or Dongle
  • Open to any network and service provider
  • Starter kit: Telstra $2 SIM, NANO SIM Adaptor kit 
  • Modem dimensions: 80(W) x 130(L) x (30)mm
  • Weight: 1kg

NCE Travel WiFi Modem Kit V2