• Plug and Play installation

  • Self powered wireless double switch operation

  • 12VDC power only required

  • Easy to install or replace existing light circuits

  • Multiple light circuits can be installed with individual switch control area�s 

  • Can be used to control other 12VDC on/off devices in the RV or where the kits are installed.










  • No drilling or cutting into walls to install the lights switches. No running electrical wires in walls or using crimp or terminal connectors.

  • Switch transmitted paired to receiver to control on/off function

  • Multiple switches can be paired to receiver

  • Ambient operating temperature range between -10degreeC and 60degree C

  • Switches can be used without mounting to the wall, or by double sided patch mount or screw mount

  • Extra long range operation up to 50m







  • Double Gang Switch & 2 Receiver

  • Power distribution block

  • Wiring Kit -  3 metre patch leads and power leads that plug directly into the distribution block and receiver.













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Wireless Two Gang Light Switch (Kinetic Light Switch)