NEW SIZE | Aluminium Composite Panel

NCE’s new Aluminium Composite Panel has been rigorously tested and is supported by an 8 years paint warranty, including paint application and delamination.

Supplied with a high quality, semi gloss finish on both sides to reduce the need for further painting. The NCE Aluminium Composite Panel is easy to install and easy to use providing that modern RV look at a very cost competitive price. It’s large sheet size of 2m x 5m, allows for better use of wall cover.

Unlike many other products in the market, NCE Aluminium composite panel is a fire retardant rated product due to its high grade B1 FR polyurethane core.

  • Aluminium thickness: 0.25mm

  • Overall thickness: 2mm (-0/+10% tolerance)

  • Average sheet weight: 35kg

  • Sheet size: 2000mm x 5000mm x 2mm

Find out more about this product here.

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