Tips For Building Your Caravan Solar System

Are you looking for tips on how to best build your caravan or RV’s solar system? Having an effective solar system installed, will offer numerous benefits to you and your family when travelling.

Solar is a natural, renewable energy source, that is autonomous, portable and silent – making it ideal for caravan and RV enthusiasts. Solar allows for power anywhere at any time. No longer will you be reliant on powered sites to fulfill your energy requires. You can park up anywhere the road takes you and have all of those creature comforts you would rather not live without.

The other key benefit of solar energy is you can save yourself a lot of money. It is free – aside from the initial set up costs, and if you don’t need power from a powered site, then you can save significant costs.

Best of all, there is an inherently good feeling when using solar energy, whether that be being self-sufficient or being more In-tune with mother earth, or a combination of both.

Take Your Caravan or RVs Solar System To The Next Level

NCE has recently partnered with Baintech Technologies to exclusively distribute their leading solar powered products designed for the RV industry.

Baintech provides a range of semi-flexible solar panels and foldable solar blankets, ideal for caravans and RVs. In addition to their solar panel range, they have many innovative products to help you take your solar system to the next level.

Read on to discover a couple of their best selling products, that can help you build an efficient solar system for your caravan.

Firstly, the Baintech 150A Watt Meter/Power Analyser (BTWATT01) allows input from a solar source into your battery, and it gives you information about the wattage output on its display, allowing you to see exactly how much solar energy you are producing in real time. The display will show current (Amps/A, Voltage (Volts/V) and Power (Watts/W).

Baintech 150A Watt Meter/Power Analyser (BTWATT01)

Baintech 150A Watt Meter/Power Analyser (BTWATT01)

Additionally, you can turn it around where the load and source are reversed, plugging in the source to your battery and load to an appliance such as a fridge, allowing you to see how much power that particular device is drawing. It can also be used in conjunction with a few of Baintech’s other products.

Another excellent product in the Baintech range is the Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BTBATMON1). The battery monitor easily hooks up to your battery’s negative and positive terminals. It works in conjunction with an app that you download from the app store (it is compatible with both Android and Apple iPhones). This gives you a visual readout right on your smartphone to the status of your battery’s condition, its wattage – all without a volt metre.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BTBATMON1)

Bluetooth Battery Monitor (BTBATMON1)

It allows you to perform cranking tests on your battery condition and idle condition, all via the app.

This allows maximum battery performance, wireless battery monitoring, battery warning notifications to be received to your phone, short-circuit and reverse connection protection, review of historical data and more.

For over 25 years Baintech has been Australia’s leading expert on power system. NCE is particularly pleased to partner with the Baintech exclusively, and start offering their industry leading product range to our valued customers.

If you are looking at getting off the grid, click on the link for further information on Baintech’s complete range of solar powered products for caravans and RVs.

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